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Our client’s primary objective was straightforward: to enhance organic traffic and drive leads for their Domestic Cleaning Services within the Bedfordshire market. During the initial assessment, the monthly visitor count stood at 250.


The primary goal was to identify and address issues affecting the website’s search engine visibility and user engagement. By conducting a thorough examination, we aimed to formulate a strategy that would not only boost the site’s rankings, sales but also enhance the overall user experience.


Following the completion of our audit, the initial step involved addressing technical issues to bolster the overall health of the site. This encompassed rectifying factors such as page load speed, ensuring mobile responsiveness, and refining the URL structure.

Subsequently, our team embarked on a meticulous content strategy, strategically placing keywords and creating relevant, high-quality content aligned with user intent. This approach aimed at elevating the website’s rankings for target queries.

In our commitment to enhancing user experience, emphasis was placed on intuitive navigation, and the placement of clear call-to-action buttons. These enhancements were strategically implemented to mitigate bounce rates and foster increased conversion rates.

Furthermore, we introduced unique selling propositions and devised marketing strategies to establish a distinctive presence for our client amidst competitors.

Last but not least, Our team conducted a comprehensive analysis of the backlink profile and formulates a strategic approach to cultivate pertinent backlinks within the industry.



Organic Traffic


Leads Target Achieved


Average Daily Clicks from Google

After the implementations and the deployment of our undisclosed strategies, the Domestic Cleaning Services website witnessed a significant enhancement in search engine rankings and user engagement.

The client noted a discernible upswing in website traffic, a decrease in bounce rates, and a favourable impact on online leads. We accomplished an impressive surge from 250 monthly visits to 2700 visits within a span of 6 months.

“We are highly satisfied with our engagement with Local Rankines. The agency played a pivotal role in helping us achieve our targets. Their team exhibited utmost professionalism throughout the process.”

David Morgan (CEO)
Domestic Cleaning Services (Bedfordshire)

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